About Us

The goal is simple: we’re here to put physical and mental health first.

Founder and head coach Thomas Fowler struggled with his own mental and physical health. Battling PTSD, anxiety, depression & confidence as well as body image issues, developing an unhealthy relationship with food, and more. He decided to take control over his life. No more playing a victim to life—the past is the past! So why allow it to create a future that didn’t support him?

How did he do it? By putting his physical and mental health first. By building peace within, building confidence, power, and strength. Unshakable beliefs about who he was becoming—the ability to look at food and understand if it was controlling him or he was controlling it. Removing bad habits; people who weren’t supporting his end goal of success.  Now his mission is have Mind Your Fitness as the most recognised fitness & mindset go to — giving everyone affordable support to put their own physical and mental FIRST!

2022 we are expanding our team. What skills can you bring to us ?

Services We Provide


Fitness Coaching:

Whatever your fitness level you are currently at we can work TOGETHER to get you back in line with your goals, provide you all the knowledge to take forward in life and succeed on your fitness goal. Whether it be 1:1, group or online training. We can cater for you.


 Mindset Coaching:

Not sure what mindset coaching is?

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, confused or just want more out of your life. But don’t know where to start? We can help you. Giving you the power, the tools and confidence to take your life back under control.




Often overlooked and misunderstood. We will help educate you on your diet. We don’t care what the scales say, they don’t reflect the hard work you are putting in. We will help you enjoy the foods you love the most and not make them feel like a SYN.

Our Purpose

Putting Physical and Mental Health FIRST!



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